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15 Don conscripts went to the Presidential Regiment

Today, December 14, Don conscripts went to serve in the Presidential Regiment of the Commandant’s Office of the Moscow Kremlin. These are 15 children from Rostov, Azov, Bataysk, Taganrog, Mines, Aksai, Zernograd, Krasnosulinsky, Konstantinovsky, Oktyabrsky and Ust-Donetsky regions.

  • The guys were carefully selected on a competitive basis, having successfully overcome professional and psychological testing, as well as an in-depth medical examination. During the selection, special attention was paid to the physical data of conscripts and the moral and psychological appearance, – explained the Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region Vadim Artemov.

Recall that the Rostov Region has been sending conscripts to serve in the Presidential Regiment of the Commandant’s Office of the Moscow Kremlin since 2005. Their number is strictly regulated: only 30 people a year – 15 during the spring conscription and 15 during the autumn one.

The autumn conscription started on November 1, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will replenish about 4 thousand Don conscripts. Currently, more than 80% of recruits have been sent to duty stations, each of whom was tested for coronavirus twice: at the place of residence and at the regional assembly point before being sent to the duty station. The third test, as well as a two-week quarantine, the guys will pass already upon arrival in the troops. At the same time, the time spent in quarantine is included in the term of service on conscription.


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