Billionaire Lebedev’s wife hosted a foam party in honor of her son’s 14th birthday

The wife of Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev, mother of many children, and model Lena Perminova published a series of photos from her son’s birthday. She shared the pictures on social networks.

Model Lena Perminova threw a foam party in honor of the 14th birthday of her son Nikita. She also ordered a cake with an unusual design. The whole family wished the boy a happy birthday.

Lena Perminova is raising three sons and a daughter from businessman Alexander Lebedev: their eldest boy Nikita is 13 years old, the average Egor is 11 years old, daughter Arina is 9 years old and the youngest Alexander is one year old. The entrepreneur proposed to his beloved in 2020, but they have not yet played a wedding. The model admitted to subscribers that they had crises in their relationship – they broke up three times. After the last major quarrel, Alexander Lebedev returned to his beloved when he found out about her fourth pregnancy.

Earlier it was reported that the wife of billionaire Lebedev showed a relief figure in a bikini.

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