Cindy Crawford overdid it with beauty injections: this is what happened to her face

Cindy Crawford conquered the whole world with her beauty in the 90s. Along with Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and others, she became the owner of the title “Supermodel”. Unfortunately, Cindy failed to maintain a spectacular appearance – she ruined her face with beauty injections.

57-year-old Crawford does not hide the fact that she often resorts to the services of cosmetologists. According to the model, injections help her feel younger. And recently, the catwalk star has become addicted to a new procedure. A powerful filler is injected under the skin, smoothing wrinkles. However, the remedy also has side effects.

After the procedures, Crawford’s face became brutal and masculine. The model’s eyes are sunken, and the dark makeup of the eyelids only emphasizes this. Cindy looks older than her years, and even smooth skin does not save the big picture.

The model honestly admits that she does not believe in the power of creams, so she resorts to radical methods. According to her, only injections of Botox and collagen can restore skin elasticity. But, judging by today’s photo of Cindy, these measures hardly help her.

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