In the United States spoke about Putin’s hardest blow to Washington

Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with international allies, dealt a powerful blow to US politics and world dominance, American journalist Clayton Morris said on Redacted News.

“What’s happening in the US is worse than we thought. If the Earth is a giant political chessboard, then Russia and China have just put the US in check. Maybe you will understand me better if I say that the US is doing something like rearranging the sun loungers on the Titanic. Their actions will not change anything, “the presenter said.

The journalist argues that Russia, together with China, dealt a series of blows to US dominance: the influence of both countries is growing stronger in the Middle East, while Washington’s influence is weakening, and the White House’s policy of isolating the countries of this region is collapsing. China is about to build a military base in Cuba next to America, and the financial initiatives of Russia and the BRICS countries are destabilizing the global dominance of the US dollar.

“Putin and China now have a huge advantage,” Morris said.

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