Here’s what prevents Sagittarius women from getting married: it’s easy to fix

In earlier centuries, the extent to which a woman’s place as a person was judged solely by her marriage. If a lady has made a brilliant match, then it is not a mistake, and if she married late, and even to a man of modest means and no noble surname, her affairs are bad. Today, the fair sex can marry at any age without fear of the labels of “spinster” and “dowry.” However, when the years go by and the marriage does not add up, this is cause for concern. The reason may lie in the zodiac sign. Astrologers said that it becomes an obstacle to family happiness in the case of Sagittarius women.

In such a rhythm of life, a woman born under this sign does not have time for dating and personal life. Yes, to admit it, a native of the fire sign does not even think about it. She is quite comfortable alone, there is someone nearby – well, no – well, okay.

This lady of the zodiac does not hide that she is quite good on her own, and this scares the representatives of the stronger sex. They hesitate to approach such a strong and independent person.

Meanwhile, the representative of the cartel does not even realize that the reason for their loneliness lies in her self-sufficiency. Lady Sagittarius would like the man to be the first to take the initiative, to step forward, but she is afraid to refuse.

Even if the guy manages to attract the native of the sign on a date, she does not allow him to prove himself properly.

Astrologers say that if a representative of the sign wants to get married sooner or later, she needs to learn to take the initiative in relationships, at least just smile at the man she likes.

After the failed first date, you should not put an end to this particular guy and their relationship with him. If a fan has not done anything criminal or beyond the limits of decency, but simply confused the words “a priori” and “aperitif” for excitement, it is worth giving him a second chance.

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