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Tech Predictions: 6 Things Black Mirror Predicted

Prophets from the world of TV shows are considered to be the Simpson family, who quite by accident predicted the appearance of the Apple Watch, the Trump presidency, and even the epidemic of the deadly Chinese virus. It can only compete with one project that lifted the veil of the future from the side of technical progress. In honor of the release of Black Mirror season 6, we recall the moments from the series that quietly moved from the category of incredible fiction to our today’s reality.

Social Ranking System

The heroine of the episode “Dive» (Nosedive) Lacey lives in a world where the basis of reputation is the average score (from 1 to 5). Points are put by waiters in a cafe, colleagues, and just random passers-by. In addition to social approval, “A” students can count on quite material privileges – the opportunity to rent an apartment in an elite complex, appear in a prestigious institution, or simply buy a plane ticket.

Perhaps the starting point for the formation of the first social rating system was social networks – the pursuit of likes, the emergence of opinion leaders, determined by the number of subscribers, as a result, an increase in cases of teenage depression and the creation of popular phone cases with the inscription social media seriously harms your mental health, selfies with whom, ironically, they were exhibited on Instagram * ( a product of the Meta company, recognized as extremist in the territory of the Russian Federation ).

Already today we can evaluate a taxi driver, an employee of the state. services or any support service – however, in the same way, that they can determine us.

China has taken the furthest step in this matter – since 2021, the country has adopted a civil code that makes the social rating system official. And although there is no single unified system yet, trial versions are already operating in some provinces. It works like this: a citizen receives 1,000 points on his social account, and later this amount grows or decreases depending on the behavior of the citizen: he is analyzed online by a single information center. More than 142 institutions participate in the assessment, as well as banks, street surveillance systems, etc.

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