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These Jackie Chan words will help you succeed: more relevant than ever

Many people often lack the motivation to keep going and set goals in life. Many successful people have gone through such internal tests, whom the whole world is ready to carry in its arms today. The renowned actor and martial artist Jackie Chan was no exception.

The star of the movie “Rush Hour” shared many wise thoughts that will always be relevant. Chan urged everyone to appreciate what they have and not complain about life: “You have to appreciate everything you have. After all, no one knows what will happen to you tomorrow.

This simple but deep thought will help not only to accept fate as it is, but also to achieve success. A person with a calm mind sets proper goals and achieves them step by step.

The actor also advises avoiding the habit of comparing yourself to others. After all, the envy of others, seemingly more successful people, only overshadows the voice of reason. And it is possible that spiritual darkness and emptiness lurks behind someone’s beautiful life.

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