[News] Former bride Kirkorov spoke about the imminent wedding of the artist

DJ Katya Guseva said that Kirkorov is preparing for the wedding with a new lover

DJ Katya Guseva, the former bride of Philip Kirkorov, let slip in an interview with that the artist is planning a wedding with a new lover.

Guseva complained at the same time that the singer did not introduce her to a new girl, but during their meeting, the girl noticed the artist’s “burning eyes”.

“With the naked eye, it is noticeable that he is happy, blossomed. First of all, he has an amazing makeover. Secondly, it is clear that he is happy in his personal life, ”said the DJ.

Kirkorov recently said he lives with a new girl who “warms and inspires him.” The artist did not disclose other details.

In November 2022, Guseva told why she did not marry Kirkorov. She admitted that she wanted to get married to a star – Kirkorov himself was not against their union. However, according to the presenter, their love story simply did not work out.

In June 2023, the singer became a guest at Guseva’s wedding with Mikhail Sazanov, where he performed one of his hits called “You, you, you” to the newlyweds.

Officially, Kirkorov was only married to singer Alla Pugacheva, their relationship lasted 11 years.

Earlier, Instasamka admitted that she was planning a hype wedding with Moneyken.

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