Travis Scott will hold a concert at the pyramids, despite the criticism of the Egyptians

The organizers of the upcoming concert of American rapper Travis Scott have confirmed that the musician’s concert will go according to plan, despite criticism from the local union. This is reported by the publication Egyptian Streets.

“ There were no changes to the Travis Scott show in Egypt. All reports to the contrary are fake. We look forward to presenting “Utopia” (this is the name of the artist’s new album, — approx. “Gazety.Ru”) together with you,” the organizers said.

Before this, the Egyptian Musicians Union withdrew permission to hold Scott’s concert, which is due to take place on July 28. This decision was explained by the fact that such concerts “contradict the Egyptian culture.” Representatives of the association assured that they would not allow actions that “go against the values ​​of Egypt.”

According to media reports, shortly before this, the Egyptians in social networks began to actively argue about whether to allow the rapper to hold a concert against the backdrop of the pyramids. Many noted that Scott was involved in “anti-Egyptian Afrocentric ideas” and “satanic rituals”. At the same time, some expressed the opinion that the rapper’s concert against the backdrop of the pyramids could shake public values. An additional argument in favor of the cancellation was the incident at the Astroworld festival, where 10 people died due to a stampede in 2021.

Earlier, Instasamka took the stage with the choir after a complaint from the public.

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