In Moscow, the airline Red Sea for 30 hours delayed a flight to Egypt

In Moscow, Red Sea passengers have been unable to fly from Sheremetyevo for 30 hours

In Moscow, passengers who have bought tickets for a flight to Egypt have been unable to fly from the airport for more than a day. Life reports this with reference to Shot.

The incident took place in the capital’s Sheremetyevo. The travelers were supposed to leave the airport on September 5 at 9:25, but on the day of departure the flight was postponed to 19:25. The cause was a plane crash.

At the specified time, the Red Sea plane did not take off from the airport, but the travelers were accommodated in a hotel. The very next day the flight was rescheduled three more times.

According to the airline’s clients themselves, their tours are not changed or their trips are canceled. Many victims are ready to file a collective complaint against the carrier.

Previously flying from Atlanta, the plane returned to the airport due to severe diarrhea in a passenger.

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