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Today, October 2, the airborne romantic comedy “Mendelssohn” by Sarik Andreasyan begins on the TNT channel and in the PREMIER online cinema. In the series, Vladimir Sychev will transform into a former airborne soldier who begins to manage a wedding salon. Also in the series will appear Lisa Moryak, Timur Batrutdinov, Olga Tumaikina and others.

Fate played a strange joke on Airborne Forces officer Vladimir Mendin (call sign “Mendel”): his whole life is spent among women. He has three daughters at home (his wife died giving birth to the third). In the army, Mendel was a stern and disciplined servant, but at home the girls had long since seized power, and between the dresses there was almost no space left for airborne T-shirts on the hanger.

One fine day, Mendel’s life becomes even more “rosy” when, according to the will of the deceased general, he gets a successful wedding salon, run by Lena Zhukova, a 35-year-old confirmed bachelor (childhood trauma: her father abandoned her mother). Mendel learns that Lena is the illegitimate daughter of a deceased general (but she does not know about this, he took care of her in secret).

In his will, the general puts forward a condition for Mendel: this salon is important to him (his daughter’s life’s work). If Mendel protects the salon from his greedy widow (and her new bandit friend Ivan), then half of the will will go to him.

The main roles in the series are played by: Vladimir Sychev, Lisa Moryak, Timur Batrutdinov, Olga Tumaikina, Marina Fedunkiv, Maria Kravchenko, Pavel Komarov, Viktor Bychkov and others. Project producers: Gevond Andreasyan, Sarik Andreasyan, Tina Kandelaki, Arkady Vodakhov, Boris Khanchalyan, Marina Razumova. Stage director: Garik Petrosyan (“Elephant”, “Star Court”).

Sarik Andreasyan: “In reality, the story of our hero getting a wedding salon is the beginning of the relationship between him and the main character. Sychev’s hero helps the character Lisa Moryak solve the problems of the salon and thereby changes his life. I always joke that our series is “Fizruk”, which met “Daddy’s Daughters”! Stories about how people change when moving from one environment to another are always attractive. We can try this on ourselves! How would we act or be able to change?”

Watch the airborne romantic series “Mendelssohn” on October 2 at 21:00 on the TNT channel and the PREMIER platform!

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