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On October 23 at 20:00, the TNT channel will begin broadcasting the new season of the series “Real Boys.” Over the course of 13 years on screen, this project has received cult and popular status, become loved by millions, and several generations have grown up with it. But this season will put an end to the long history of “Real Boys” and will become a farewell (the authors of the project decided to call it a farewell, and not the last or final). With 274 episodes behind us and 17 new ones ahead, the creators promise to make the moment of parting with the Real Boys universe as truthful and emotional as possible: viewers can expect the return of many canonical characters and a beautiful conclusion to the main storylines.

The main action of the farewell season will unfold in the village of Naumovka – the family estate of the main character Nikolai Naumov, which he inherited from his grandmother. A real boy, who has long become a man, but has not lost his youthful enthusiasm, will once again accept the challenge of fate and, with his characteristic enthusiasm, will begin to raise the village and the standard of living of local residents in order to make “Naumovka” a real “place of power.” He will also be joined by his loved ones – Lera and her children, Vovan and Jackal, and his mother and Armenchik. The Naumovs’ friends will remain in Perm, but contact with them will not be severed.

The farewell season of “Real Boys” promises several significant returns: viewers will again see in the frame all the girls of policeman Bazanov, and in the last episode – Antokha Bogdanov, whom Kolya and Vova have not seen in recent years as often as they would like. In addition, the script for the final episode was written by one of the “fathers” of the series, co-founder of Good Story Media and general producer of the project Anton Zaitsev – it was he who came up with the idea for the series and wrote the very first episode of the now cult story, and he also completes it.

In the farewell season, the following returned to their roles: Nikolai Naumov, Vladimir Selivanov, Anton Bogdanov, Stanislav Tlyashev, Zoya Berber, Marina Fedunkiv, Maria Skornitskaya, Valentina Mazunina, Marina Fedunkiv, Armen Bezhanyan, Igor Oznobikhin, Alexey Bazanov, Sergei Ershov, Maxim Tikhonov and a lot others.

In the author’s room of the new season of “Real Boys”: Alexander Sineguzov, Vladimir Morozov, Sergei Dolgushin and Maxim Filipev. The composition of the film crew is the same: the permanent production director is Zhanna Kadnikova, the director of photography is Sergei Dolgushin.

Anton Zaitsev, co-founder of Good Story Media, general producer of the series “Real Boys”: “At one time, we were the first to bring the glamorous, flat Russian television of the 2000s from the plastic sets of pavilions and cardboard rooms flooded with studio light to the reality of the streets, courtyards and apartments of ordinary people. But it’s time to end the series. The writing team didn’t want the series to end. Tears filled their eyes as soon as they began to write it. I had to do this. I wanted to write the last episode of the series since the first season. I’ve been putting it off for 13 years and now it’s finally happening. There will be new projects further. I would definitely like to stick with the mockumentary sitcom format. Nobody in Russia knows how to make it funny except us.”

Nikolai Naumov, performer of the role of Kolyan: “The project took 13 years to film, several generations grew up on it, and now we are drawing a line in our favorite story. I feel sad. Not sadness, not despondency, but pleasant, kind sadness. I had a similar feeling when I graduated from school, college, and parted with my classmates and classmates. This does not mean at all that after graduation I did not see or communicate with anyone anymore. No, they continue to be close friends. So here, we will not part, we will still be one strong “real” family. This project will remain forever in our hearts. In the hearts of millions of viewers, “ordinary boys” just like us.”

Zoya Berber, performer of the role of Lera: I am a sincere fan of the “Real Boys” project. And I’m very sad that the series is ending. We don’t know what will happen next, and there is a pinching in the heart. After all, we filmed for 13 years, and during this time 60-70% of the team were the same people. It feels like a real family.”

Vladimir Selivanov, performer of the role of Vova: “When our series first came out, it was revolutionary. We had a presentation that was atypical for that time, so there was a risk that our humor might not be understood. And so it was, many were really indignant, but there were many more who understood our trick. After all, ours is, to some extent, an educational series: we show what will happen if you behave dishonestly or short-sightedly somewhere. Our language and presentation are simple and lifelike. And the resonance that arose around our series, as it turned out, only proved that it was a real hit.”

Anton Bogdanov, performer of the role of Antokha: “”Real boys” is part of life, part of career. For many viewers, this is part of their youth. Many people now come up and say “thank you for my childhood.” For me, this project was, is and will remain – it will not go anywhere either from memory or from career. And although our paths diverged, this was my start, and I am sincerely grateful to him for who I am now.”

Watch the farewell season of the series “Real Boys” – from October 23 on TNT!

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