From October 15, tariffs for public transport will increase again – for the second time in a year.

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The first wave of price increases for public transport occurred at the beginning of this year. Then the cost of a single trip on Troika on ground transport, metro, MCC and MCD increased by 4 rubles, some fares and the “United” ticket increased. Today It revealedthat from October 15 we will be hit by a second wave of increases in fares.

In short, this is what will change. The “Unified” ticket will increase by an average of 2 rubles. In the central zone, a single trip with Troika will become 4 rubles more expensive, and the 90-minute fare will rise to 81 rubles (currently 75). On the MCD plus metro, travel will cost 71 rubles instead of the previous 65.

Tariffs for a month and for three months will increase significantly. Unlimited for “30 days” will cost 2,730 rubles (now 2,540), and “90 days” – 6,600 rubles (now 6,150). But the changes will not affect tickets for 365 days – it will still be possible to top up Troika for a year of unlimited use for 19,500 rubles. Tariffs that include travel in the Suburban zone will also increase. The most profitable option remains payment by biometrics. A one-time payment by a person will be 50 rubles (the service will certainly become more popular!).

Transfers from the route to the ground transport route will remain free. Prices for river transport will remain the same. The department explains the repeated increase by inflation, rising prices for fuel and electricity. In general, there were many reasons at once.



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