In the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, about 100 people were prosecuted for violating border regulations during the summer :: News

Photo: Border Department of the FSB of Russia for the Karachay-Cherkess Republic

The problem of violations of border regime rules, which not only visitors, but also some residents of border areas do not adhere to, still remains relevant today.

Thus, during the summer period of 2023, about 100 people were detained and brought to administrative responsibility at the Border Department site for violating the rules of the border regime.

There are still cases of violation of the border regime during economic and fishing activities. Most of the violations committed by individuals are staying in the border zone without permits and identification documents.

The Border Administration reminds that all categories of persons require identification documents to enter and stay in the border zone. This is quite enough for citizens of the Russian Federation to stay in the border zone up to a five-kilometer strip of terrain in front of the state border. To pass (travel) further into the 5-kilometer strip of terrain, Russian citizens who are not registered in it must additionally have a pass to the border zone.

To carry out economic, fishing and other activities in the border zone, all categories of persons must have a permit for economic activity, as well as notify the border authority or division of the border authority in writing no later than 3 days before the start of its implementation.

On the official website of the FSB of Russia ( contains all the necessary information about the requirements of Russian legislation in the border area, which, first of all, is aimed at creating conditions for the protection and security of the state border of the Russian Federation, ensuring the security of the individual, society and the state, as well as preserving natural resources.

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