MSW collection sites in Taganrog: placement rules

On the territory of apartment buildings there must be points for collecting solid municipal waste. The head of the municipal housing control department of the Taganrog administration, Sergei Pogudin, spoke about the procedure for their placement and the rules of maintenance.

In accordance with the requirements of housing legislation, MSW collection points must be located on the territories of multi-apartment residential buildings in accordance with the requirements of State Construction Decree No. 170. That is, the management organization (MC or HOA) is not only obliged to organize a waste collection point on the territory of an apartment building, but and ensure its maintenance: cleaning and painting containers.

  • The site for solid waste must be located no closer than 20 meters from a residential building and no further than 100 meters. If it is technically impossible to locate a site in accordance with these parameters, some management organizations are organizing joint sites,” explained Sergei Pogudin.

However, in this case, they are obliged to jointly maintain the object in order, even if it is located outside the courtyard of an apartment building.

The MSW collection site must provide storage bins for both regular and bulky waste. This will further prevent the formation of landfill sites around the waste site itself.

Illustration of MKU “Improvement” (from the archive)

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