Only 12% of Muscovites are not concerned about the dollar exchange rate

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Bye Dmitry Peskov tells that excessive attention to the dollar exchange rate is a “vestige of the past,” Muscovites continue to worry about the next fall of the ruble. Today, the exchange rate of the American currency exceeded 100 rubles for the first time since August 14, and during the day fluctuated in the range of 99–100.

Against the backdrop of such news, the telegram channel “Our Khamovniki” decided to hold an anonymous survey among subscribers on the topic “Are you worried about the exchange rate?” The results were as follows: 72% responded that they were concerned about the exchange rate, while those who were not concerned were 12%. Another 9% chose the 50/50 option, and 7% could not decide at all.

Even judging by this local study, in which 1,324 people took part, it is clear that not everyone is ready to part with the legacy of the past. “You need to get used to living in the ruble zone,” the president’s press secretary inspired today. But not everyone is in a hurry to become adherents of such a Stoic philosophy.

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