Rospotrebnadzor conducts an inspection at school No. 30 in Taganrog

The Rospotrebnadzor office in the Rostov region is conducting an epidemiological investigation into the registration of an acute intestinal infection among students at school No. 30 in Taganrog.

Let us remind you that information about the mass poisoning of elementary school and 8th-9th grade students appeared in a number of media outlets. Parents assumed that the children felt unwell after lunch in the school cafeteria. As the head of the Taganrog administration Andrey Fateev said, “norovirus RNA has been isolated from some schoolchildren. Norovivirus was not detected among catering staff. Data on food poisoning do not find laboratory confirmation.” For now, the school has switched to distance learning.

News agency “DON 24″ with reference to the Don Ministry of Health reports, that “34 children applied to medical institutions in Taganrog. Everyone received full medical care. One student was hospitalized in moderate condition. The condition of the rest is assessed as mild.”

The situation at school No. 30 in Taganrog was taken under control by the Rospotrebnadzor department for the Rostov region. The department commented that the educational institution “carried out a set of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of acute intestinal infection.”

Also, as specified in the message from Rospotrebnadzor, samples of food, water, surface washes, and disinfection working solutions were taken to determine compliance with the specified concentration.

The food service staff of the school canteen was examined for bacterial and viral pathogens of intestinal infections.

Laboratory research and anti-epidemic measures continue. Currently, no new cases of the disease have been registered.

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