Taganrog teachers discussed issues of Cossack culture

In Taganrog, in kindergarten No. 4 “Maryushka”, a meeting was held between teachers of a preschool educational institution with representatives of the teaching staff of school No. 26 and specialists from the department for working with public associations of the city administration to exchange experience in matters of preserving and developing Cossack culture.

The kindergarten teachers spoke about the implementation of national-regional Cossack component activities in the preschool institution, which help children feel and realize that they belong to their small Motherland, to their home, and to assimilate universal and national values. Those present got acquainted with the practice of participation of kindergarten students in city creative competitions of patriotic and Cossack orientation, and visited the “Cossack Life Corner”, created by teachers with the assistance of parents of kindergarten students.

Deputy Director for Educational Work at School No. 26 in the city, Nelly Nechiporenko, told her colleagues about the practice of introducing the Cossack component into the educational process of the school in class and extracurricular activities. Nelli Vasilievna paid special attention to effective social partnership with the Taganrog state government organization, spoke about the implementation of the project to create an ethnographic corner of the Don Cossacks on the basis of school No. 26, which won the competition of the Presidential Grants Fund. The staff of school No. 26 transferred to replenish the “Cossack corner” of kindergarten No. 4 individual items of Cossack everyday life, found by schoolchildren during ethnographic expeditions.

Svetlana Dolgorukova, a specialist in the department for working with public associations of the city administration, spoke about the implementation of the action plan for the implementation of the State Policy Strategy of the Russian Federation regarding the Russian Cossacks in the municipal formation “Taganrog City”. The meeting participants outlined ways of working together to further develop Cossack education and upbringing in educational organizations in the city of Taganrog.

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