The cheapest apartment in a new Moscow building costs 3.7 million rubles

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Despite the news about the rapid rise in real estate prices, in Moscow you can still find options that cost less than 4 million rubles. Market analysis spent specialists from NDV Supermarket Real Estate.

The cheapest apartment in Moscow new buildings was a studio with an area of ​​19.7 square meters. m. Comparable to a tiny hotel room with a separate bathroom. As we see, the micro-housing format in Moscow is gaining popularity – now nano-studios are in fashion.

Such housing is sold without finishing and costs only 3.7 million rubles. True, if you are already thinking about buying such an apartment for investment, you will have to search hard – analysts do not say where such a treasure is sold. They don’t even name the area. But it is known that the house has already been put into operation.

Analysts also compared the Moscow indicator with the St. Petersburg one. An apartment of a similar area – also the cheapest – in the northern capital is sold for 2.9 million rubles. That is, almost a million cheaper. True, the completion of the new building will have to wait until at least 2026.

In general, a new apartment in Moscow will cost the buyer on average 1.5 times more expensive than in St. Petersburg. In Moscow 1 sq. m in the mass segment costs 299.3 thousand rubles, while in St. Petersburg – 215.8 thousand.



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