The legendary Sergei Yuryevich Belyakov and new heroes: filming of the new sketch show “Svetlakov+” has started :: News

Photo: TNT channel

The comedian and showman will bring his favorite folk images to life on the screen and show new characters.

On October 1, filming of the new sketch show “Svetlakov +” began, in which one of the most popular Russian comedians, Sergei Svetlakov, will bring to life about a dozen satirical images. The characters created for the project will not only lift the viewer’s spirits and make them laugh at modern realities, but will also add a touch of nostalgia, because along with the new characters, people’s favorite characters will also return to TNT.

In the new project, viewers will see 7 characters from Sergei Svetlakov. Four completely new characters, as well as three already beloved by the viewer. A new hero, extreme blogger Richard, will come to Russia from Germany to try to understand this mysterious country. However, the “prepper” does not at all expect that getting through the line at the city clinic is much more difficult than fighting a grizzly bear.

Office worker Kirill Antonov, after a two-week binge, literally caught a squirrel with whom he now has to get along. And this is very difficult, because Kirill’s alter ego in the form of a rodent pushes his “master” to daring and rash actions.

It won’t do without cult heroes: Sergei Yuryevich Belyakov still lives in Taganrog and loves to talk to the TV, criticizing everything he sees on the screen. The abundance of all kinds of new programs allows him to do the main business of his life almost around the clock.

Guest stars will also take part in the new show – one of the roles will be played by actor and comedian Demis Karibidis, the other by actress Irina Rozanova. Each episode will consist of several sketches with your favorite characters.

Sergey Svetlakov: “For me, filming a new show is a real challenge, both as an actor and as a producer. Studio “Sverdlovsk has been conducting creative preparations for more than a year… and now the moment has come – from October 1 to mid-December new images will come to life, people’s favorites will be resurrected… may the force be with us!»

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