The Taganrog enterprise will cooperate with a company from Kazakhstan

The Taganrog enterprise Pervoe OKB LLC, which produces general-purpose aircraft, has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Kazakhstan Aviation Industry company.

Pervoe OKB LLC is an actively developing Russian developer. Today the company has a high-tech production site, a design office and a dealer network. The flagship product of Pervoe OKB LLC is the SP-30 aircraft in various modifications. Over 37 years of operation, more than 500 aircraft and about 250 SP-30 aircraft in five modifications were produced.

First Deputy Head of the City Administration for Economic Affairs Svetlana Kambulova got acquainted with the main production processes of the First OKB. She also met with the general director of the company, Alexey Fitingov, who said that for the last year and a half the company has been successfully fighting the consequences of sanctions, actively creating domestically developed components for general aviation.

And on September 26, at the site of the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM, a landmark cooperation agreement was signed with the Kazakhstan Aviation Industry company from the city of Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan. The contract involves the organization of a distribution network and the subsequent localization of the assembly of SP-30 aircraft at the KAI aviation technical center in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This agreement facilitates Russia’s entry into the markets of the Central Asian region with high-tech products.


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