This is what the Novatorskaya station on the Troitskaya line looks like now, which will open in 2024

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In total, 17 stations are planned to be built on the Troitskaya Line. The radial line will stretch from the ZIL station to Kommunarka and further to Troitsk. It is expected that this will make the Sokolnicheskaya and Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya lines freer.

The Novatorskaya station will be located between Vavilovskaya and the Peoples’ Friendship University, at the intersection of Leninsky Prospekt with Udaltsova and Novatorov streets. The station of the same name on the Big Circle Line opened in December 2021. The Novatorskaya line, which is under construction, will have a common lobby with it, that is, to transfer to the Troitskaya line you will not need to go into the city.

Today the station was inspected by Sergei Sobyanin, sharing photos in your telegram channel. The station is 80% ready, but it is planned to open by the end of 2024, along with the launch of the first stage of the line. Now they are actively finishing the lamps on the ceiling and installing aluminum panels.

Both Novatorskie stations look very similar – the Troitskaya line station was made in the same gray-orange tones, apparently so that the transport hub retains a single visual appearance. The differences are perhaps most noticeable in the design of the ceiling – on the BKL the lampshades resemble candy canes, but here the lamps lead deeper.



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