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The results of the all-Russian competition of good stories and socially useful initiatives “I am changing the world” have been summed up. For the sixth year in a row, it has been conducted by the Foundation for Regional Social Program “Our Future”. This time the winners were 17 authors of the best projects in two categories.

The action took place on social networks. Its main goal was to show the most striking social initiatives and motivate other people to do good deeds, implement social projects and creative initiatives. The competition traditionally started in July and coincided with the International Day of Social Business. Applications for participation were accepted until September 4. To do this, you had to post a post on your personal page describing your story and accompany it with the hashtag #Iammetheworld.

Over the course of a month, experts in the field of social entrepreneurship assessed the projects. Each of these initiatives has left a mark on the history of modern society. But among them there were publications that especially deeply touched the hearts of the team of organizers of the action.

“This year, 120 people from 40 regions took part in the competition; the reach, that is, awareness of the campaign, exceeded 1.9 million social network users. It was very difficult to determine the winners. Each story radiates a bright light of kindness and resonates in our hearts. I would like to thank everyone who took the initiative and proved by their example that anyone can contribute to the common cause. You are all real heroes!” – speaks Director of the Our Future Foundation Natalia Zvereva.

This year, competition participants competed for victory in two main categories. In the “My Future” category, Russians aged 14 to 21 talked about how they were able to change the world with their business or project. The winners will receive JBL portable speakers to create an atmosphere and unforgettable emotions. Here the best are recognized:

  • Dmitry Smolev from the Belgorod region – he takes in stray animals;
  • Anastasia Ponkratieva from the Kemerovo region – sorts garbage;
  • Valeria Shchukina from the Krasnodar Territory – talks about the possibilities of children’s organizations;
  • Diana Chirkova from Tatarstan – treats trees with special drawings;
  • Ksenia Demyankova from the Samara region – works as a sports volunteer;
  • Miroslava Alieva from the Saratov region – acts as an environmental volunteer;
  • Relaxed Tonya from the Sverdlovsk region – plants trees.

Adult volunteers were also awarded in the same category. The winners were:

  • Elmira Anokhina from the Astrakhan region – opened the project “We are growing in Russia” and began a campaign to green up Astrakhan;
  • Ksenia Mineeva from the Tambov region – takes care of homeless animals and runs the “Jewelry with a Soul” project;
  • Svetlana Brinyuk from the Pskov region – conducts eco-lessons in schools and makes reusable things.

In the “JV Ambassadors” nomination, existing social entrepreneurs, companies and NGOs, as well as opinion leaders aged 21 and over and entrepreneurship support centers presented their projects. Three cash grants of 50,000 rubles each were prepared for the winners for advertising promotion on social networks, but the jury decided to increase their number to six. So the winners were:

  • adaptive clothing project for people with diabetes DIA WARDROBE from the Leningrad region;
  • Vladimir Titov with the Orto-Walk project from St. Petersburg – production of an exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of people with paralysis;
  • Anna Ovsyannikova and her “Mamahod” – excursions and tours for mothers on maternity leave from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg;
  • Project “Fox Cubs on Ice” by Daria Pavlenko and ANO “AMBA” from the Leningrad region – an inclusive skating group with elements of figure skating for children with autism;
  • Yulia Mokhova, Daria Tatarova and the clothing brand MILOK from the Nizhny Novgorod region – sale of clothes knitted by grandmothers;
  • Museum of the History of Religions and Nationalities of the Kama Region from Udmurtia with the project “Be sure to touch with your hands” – tactile bas-reliefs in museums for the visually impaired.

Another winner of the competition received an invitation to a press tour to get acquainted with the best social practices in Russia. He became a public figure and director of the Revival Youth Development Fund. Roman Sedov from the Tver region, which supports the disabled community and organized a large-scale festival “Sky for All” for people with disabilities, children and socially vulnerable segments of society.

The most interesting stories of the “I am Changing the World” competition have been published and continue to be published on the official pages of the Our Future Foundation. You can get to know them at VKon the platform ZenV “Odnoklassniki”as well as on the portal for social entrepreneurs “New business”.

The “I’m Changing the World” competition has been running since 2018 and allows thousands of people to tell about successful social businesses. Already in the first year, the jury received 583 applications from Russia, near and far abroad countries, and in 2022 the audience of the event amounted to almost 2 million people. For its implementation, the Our Future Foundation itself received a diploma from the “Press Service of the Year 2022” award.

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