Where in the occupied Donbass is Russia building a new railway and what does it entail?

The correspondent reports this Center for Investigative Journalism Sergey Starushko.

Analysis of satellite data indicates that the occupiers are building a new line between the villages of Novoselovka and Burne. The first is located next to the Mariupol-Volnovakha-Donetsk railway, and the second is on a branch line leading to the route Donetsk-Amvrosievka-Taganrog (Russia).

The implementation of this plan will allow for faster delivery of ammunition, reinforcements, heavy equipment and weapons from Russia to Volnovakha, which is a junction station and has a direct connection with Tokmak through Rody and Kamenka, the key settlements of the occupied part of the Zaporozhye region. In addition, with the new railway, the Russians will be able to more quickly transfer their forces between the East and the South.

The railway route from the Mariupol seaport to Donetsk also passes through Volnovakha.

“Right now, a dredger is working in the port – a special vessel for dredging. Upon completion, not only PM3, but also normal vessels will have the opportunity to enter Mariupol.

Now imagine that a ship carrying 20 thousand tons of shells has arrived and think how quickly it will end up in Donetsk by train? Volnovakhi? Rozovtsy? Tokmak or Melitopoli? Or how critical the Crimean Bridge ceases to be for military logistics,” – wrote in his Telegra channel Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko October 3.

A special vessel for clearing the fairway in the port of Mariupol, 10/03/2023, Photo: Andryushchenko Time

The only obstacle to the new railway line is the town of Kalmius, however, since the end of August in the area of ​​the village. Granite a bridge is already being built.

During the same period, in the twentieth of August, work began on the western side of the future path – near the village. Novoselovka, and a month earlier – from the east, from the village. Burne.

New bridge near the village. Granite and railway track in the village of Novoselovka, 10/01/2023. Photo: Sentinel-2 satellite, collage:

As of the beginning of October, ~35 km of railway appear to be ready or undergoing work. And this is actually a month of active construction, which picked up pace in September.

Construction of the railway from the village of Burne to the village. Granite, 10/01/2023 Photo: Sentinel-2 satellite collage:

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