#yaibal: in the last ten days of September, the social life of Moscow descended into balls

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#yaibal – a long-forgotten (and therefore no less charming in its rudeness) hashtag suddenly resurfaced on banned social networks in the most glamorous part of secular Moscow.

And it was in vain that Telegram blogger Ilya Davydov, known as the “Soldier of Fashion,” wrote that budgets had shrunk – in the last ten days of September, social life came to balls, a mansion on Volkhonka, generous flows of champagne and dinners accompanied by iconic Italian wines “Sassicaia” and “Ornellaia”, sold by Simple at 60 thousand rubles per bottle. A mysterious slang from somewhere in the nineties called “body kit” has returned into use almost everywhere, which began to be used to describe all significant decorations, strengthening the impression with the definition “full”. And so, with full body kit and sometimes even a royal one (this, of course, is about Victoria Shelyagova), Moscow spent the days of the Indian summer, hot in every sense.

The tone was set by the charity ball of Ildar and Marika Abdrazakov – there, in floor-length dresses, Elena Baibakova, Irina Kudrina and Victoria Shelyagova (all with their husbands, as required by the new social etiquette) competed for auction lots raising money for Ildar’s fund, which supports young musicians.

An invitation to a black tie dinner from Yana Rudkovskaya seemed a logical continuation of these traditions; guests were ordered to adhere to the dress code of the early 20th century. Much to the surprise of those gathered, many were indeed dressed in something formal and formal, well, if you don’t pay attention to Yuri Aksyuta’s beige trousers, but who would pay attention to that in his case? The gala dinner took place in the same famous mansion on Volkhonka, which remembered the brilliant ball of Tatler magazine, and the GQ party, and the evening organized here by Yana with Antonio Banderas and Natalia Vodianova in support of the Naked Heart Foundation – all recent events hinted that it was unlikely we will return there, but the fact remains.

The beauty Snezhana Georgieva was responsible for the style of the muse of the Silver Age; the stylist Vadim Galaganov, who accompanied her that evening, matched her elegance; the most tanned was, of course, Philip Kirkorov – he could compete with the effectiveness of his make-up with the hostess of the evening herself, and she was prepared by the famous makeup artist Serdar Kambarov, so it was a serious competition. As proper guest management now demands, there were quite a lot of men among the guests, from mysterious financiers in tuxedos to Arthur Gasparyan, who had not been seen for a hundred years. The assembled secular public looked at all this with bewilderment, trying to understand what the banquet was in honor of and at whose expense we were partying. There was a version that this dinner was also for charity, but it was not clear for whose benefit. And then Yana announced that she and Dima Bilan were celebrating 18 years together and all sorts of things had happened during that time, but the friendship and partnership had been preserved and thanks to the late Aizenshpis. The audience clapped for a long time, but then Ksenia Sobchak came, and everyone was distracted again; next to Philip Bedrosovich, the unexpectedly famous plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov was seen – his slightly doll-like face betrayed his profession too clearly.

“They say that Philip is his main partner and investor, hence the active support,” came a heated whisper from the right. However, the scandal clearly benefited Khaidarov; now the whole country knows his name.

Chef Anatoly Kazakov was cooking that evening, but the guests had no time for the Michelin-starred chef’s cuisine – the announced grand soiree headliners Dima Bilan and Anna Chipovskaya took the stage and presented a new video, “A Sharp Razor,” where Anya played Bilan’s romantic interest, eluding him by train, apparently long-distance. The topic was fully explored, especially considering that the video was presented by the “GM Universe”. It was this “Universe” that explained everything that was happening, because it meant that Mikhail Gutseriev, declared as the author of the lyrics of the premiere song, is the unofficial hospitable host of this splendor – both for this famous mansion, half-forgotten in the new reality, and for the tables exquisitely decorated by LID’s Eventhouse, and For a dinner from one of the most expensive chefs in the city, you should thank him. However, without the magic of Yana Rudkovskaya, this grand soiree clearly would not have been so grand, although the charms of one of the richest people in the country, who has long been included in the top third of the Forbes list, should not be discounted either. But how wonderful it is that people with such a fortune have a hobby – writing poetry for songs, and such a passionate hobby that Mikhail Gutseriev even bought several radio stations like Love Radio and Chanson, so as not to have obstacles to airing his works. At Mikhail’s sixtieth birthday five years ago, songs based on his poems were performed by all the stars, starting with Alla Pugacheva, so a small party in honor of the release of the video is only a moderate contribution to his portfolio. And you say – the heroes are not the same.

Another serious player in secular Moscow, the White Rabbit restaurant of Boris Zarkov and Vladimir Mukhin, did not lower the bar, which traditionally spectacularly celebrated its next birthday with the “Great Italy” dinner. Guests approached the 12th anniversary more than seriously: with the light hand of Irina Zarkova, it became customary to wear quite significant jewelry in the restaurant – as a result, Ksenia Sobchak sparkled with huge Chopard emeralds, Snezhana Georgieva – with a vintage Bvlgari choker, but all the attention was, of course, on 29 -carat paraibe from Parure Atelier on Victoria Shelyagova. White Rabbit, as an absolutely passionate project influencing the gastronomic life of the entire country, again reminded the assembled brilliant society of the culinary brotherhood: Vladimir Mukhin called cool guys into the kitchen to prepare an Italian dinner, from Tom Halpin from Maya and Nicanor Vieira from Olluco to Mirko Zago and Anatoly Kazakova. Not all of them are, frankly, Italian, but Luca Verdolini from Semifreddo and Claudio Pirovano from La Bottega Siciliana helped Mirko nail down the authenticity. And the legendary chef Nino Graziano from the Semifreddo group also had a birthday on this day – Zarkov and Mukhin congratulated him live, offering to raise a glass of Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido 2020 to his health. Yes, the White Rabbit restaurant once again performed this incredible trick – the pairing for the grand dinner was some of the most famous (and popular in a certain circle) Italian wines, including Sassicaia, Ornellaia and 50×50 Capannelle.

And this dinner again proved that no matter how much all the guest managers of the new time swagger with their titles of kings of parties, the title of “Druyan of our time” can only be claimed by the wife of the owner of the White Rabbit Family, who brilliantly continued the tradition of beautiful family dinners, because it was impossible not to note the abundance of interesting men at the evening, from Konstantin Bogomolov and Oleg Shelyagov to Mikhail Kuchment and Artem Zuev.

Well, since such a booze has begun, then after a glass of Super Tuscan you can send another pin in the direction of Ilya Davydov’s column – if we are already talking about companies with large budgets, then here too there are examples of national pride. The IDOL brand, just recently launched by the same holding company that represents Zarina and Love Republic, filled the entire building of the Erwin restaurant with blue. The last time I remember something like this was almost at the beginning of the century, although perhaps this is just a girl’s memory – the consequences of covid. Nevertheless, the absolutely grand event spanning three floors of the Pavilion, including the romantic roof, attracted an unprecedented list of guests, from Svetlana Bondarchuk to Laura Jugelia and Madonna Moore. Unprepared for such a fashion landing, secular guests wandered around the floors, trying to understand what kind of brand this was. “Well, hello, this is the Russian version of Massimo Dutti,” Masha Fedorova said irritably, literally rolling her eyes. “The concept does not repeat the positioning of Massimo Dutti,” the PR people echoed; Stella Aminova and Anna Antimony looked impressed. The sight of Svetlana Khodchenkova dotted all the i’s: the IDOL commercial with her and Nagiyev could be seen on every pole. Then Zivert sang, and she was wearing a leather jacket from IDOL, and it immediately turned out that other guests were dressed from IDOL – Ksenia Sobchak, Alena Doletskaya, and Ksenia Solovyova. And it was impossible not to note the completely bourgeois appearance and extreme degree of intelligence of the costume on Yulia Posh: the launch budgets could not but confirm the serious intentions of the company. With our attitude, many Western brands will soon have nowhere to return – all niches will be occupied. It would still be necessary to improve the textile industry, but that’s not the point now.

And now we are talking about the fact that large budgets for parties shook the capital throughout September, and even the opening of a small gallery unexpectedly turned into a celebration that thundered throughout the city, where Victoria Shelyagova danced to a live concert by Dmitry Malikov. However, this was not just a gallery, but a style gallery where everyone can get a look, no matter how scary it may sound. However, Andrei Malakhov, apparently, was not frightened at all – he even entered into a kind of collab with the new Adele gallery, placing there quite valuable exhibits from his center for contemporary art “Shine” – the same one that he opened in his native Apatity, city ​​beyond the Arctic Circle. It is also known about Malakhov that he always supports his friends – in this case, fashion blogger Adele Bikulova, with whom he cut the red ribbon at the entrance to the new “space of style and beauty” – given the scale of the opening, turnkey images there will cost as much as the budget of a small African village, we haven’t thought about it for a long time.

In general, there was a lot to discuss at the recent U Magazine cocktail party in the new Rouge – Jurate Gurauskaite released the autumn, fifth issue, reminding everyone that there is also an old guard with traditional values ​​and fashion bibles. And everyone was at the party: Vlad Lisovets, Alena Akhmadullina, Alexander Siradekian, Igor Chapurin, Yanis Chamalidi, Lidiya Alexandrova – you can write the entire history of Russian fashion from the list of guests. Perhaps someday there will be budgets for this, too, since money just fell from the sky like bright yellow leaves of this completely unforgettable September.

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