A batch of illegal cigarettes was seized from a Taganrog store

A large batch of illegal foreign-made cigarettes was found in one of the stores in Taganrog, the press service of the Rostov customs reports.

Customs officers, together with employees of the Taganrog Transport Prosecutor’s Office and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Transport, conducted a customs inspection of premises and territories in one of the stores in Taganrog. Among the products presented there, 3,082 packs of cigarettes of foreign production and production of EAEU countries were found, unmarked with Russian excise stamps and identification means. The entrepreneur did not have shipping documents for tobacco products.

  • Cigarettes have now been withdrawn from trade. An examination is being carried out, based on the results of which a decision will be made to initiate a criminal case or a case of an administrative offense, the source writes.

Photo of Rostov customs

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