Alejandro Soto authorizes the projection in plenary session of a video in which a young man calls congressmen “slobbers”

The president of Congress, Alejandro Sotoauthorized legislator Susel Paredes this Wednesday to show a video during the debate on the project that promotes the use of the green cane, but was enraged when she heard that the protagonist called them “slimy” congressmen.

The young woman specifically referred to the congressmen who, in mid-September, refused to support in the first vote this proposal raised by Paredes for the benefit of people with low vision. “26 slimes, excuse me, voted against, indicating that it was a form of discrimination or something generalized,” she said in the clip.

Immediately, Soto asked to stop the reproduction and addressed the author of the initiative. “I have allowed you to view the video, but that is not the way in which the national representation has been disrespected,” she said.

Paredes apologized and stressed that only the first part of the video should have been shown. While, Rosangella Barbaran (Popular Force) asked to speak to reject the incident.


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