Alias ​​“Jorge 40” acknowledged his responsibility in the murder of a professor at the University of Magdalena

Jorge Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, alias "George 40"told the way in which murders were ordered on the coast - credit @JEP_Colombia
Jorge Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, alias “Jorge 40”, told how murders were ordered on the coast – credit @JEP_Colombia

Rodrigo Tovar Pupobetter known by the alias George 40accepted on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, his responsibility in the homicide of Roque Morelli Zarateprofessor of the Magdalena Universityin one of the many crimes committed by the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) in this department.

Tovar Pupo, in the investigation carried out by the Attorney General’s Officestated that although the order to murder the teacher was given by Hernán Giraldo Serna, alias The Lord of the Sierrais willing to assume responsibility as second commander of the Northern Block of the AUC, in charge of the men who committed the murder.

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After this statement, he asked the investigating entity to avail himself of an early ruling and, consequently, the benefits that he obtains with this decision, such as a reduction in sentence. “Due to the fact that Roque Morelli Zárate was discharged from our service”mentioned alias Jorge 40, in statements reproduced by Blu Radio and Zero zone.

During the investigation, Tovar Pupo referred to the guidelines of the self-defense leadership. to discharge those who were considered to be guerrillas or allies of these insurgent groups, in a type of hunt that claimed the lives of hundreds of people on the northern coast of the country. Like that of Morelli and two other professors from the most important university center in the region.

“I want to make it clear that the peasant self-defense groups of Córdoba and Urabá did not exercise any political opposition against the regional or national teachers. Something different, as our commander Carlos Castaño said, we discharged guerrillas out of combat, regardless of the uniform they wore to infiltrate and advance in their guerrilla struggles,” said the former paramilitary leader.

And he stressed that, according to intelligence reports from the stop, teacher Morelli “was a guerrilla.” They had already been convicted in this case Edgar Ochoa Ballesterosalias Morrocoyformer member of the block Tayrona Resistance of the AUC, and also Leonardo de Jesús Ariza, who was part of the Judicial Investigation Section (Sijín) of the National Police.

The university professor He was murdered on September 5, 2002 in Santa Marta. It was 2:30 pm when two armed men riding a motorcycle ended the life of the teacher, who was waiting for a bus in the La Ciudadela neighborhood, with the aim of heading to the University of Magdalena. There he also served as dean of the Faculty of Education.

Two shots to his skull decreed the death of the teacher, in a crime that was added to that of the student leader Hugo Elías Maduro Rodríguezwhich occurred in May 2000, and the vice-rector of the University of Magdalena, Julio Alberto Otero Muñoz, which occurred in May 2001; and that caused the resignation of several members of the board of directors of the alma mater.


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