Almost 24 million rubles are allocated for the renovation of the asphalt concrete plant :: News


Almost 23.9 million rubles are allocated for repairs, equipment maintenance and commissioning work for the asphalt concrete plant in the village of Donskoy. The customer is the Trunovsky branch of the state budgetary institution IC “Stavavtodor”. The final cost of the contract will become clear after an electronic auction, at which the regional government procurement committee will determine the contractor.

It is planned to dismantle existing components, assemblies, automation, communications, and then install and launch new ones. The contractor must check that all components are functioning properly.

“Today it is especially important to support domestic producers and develop production. Thanks to local enterprises, national projects are being implemented, including the creation of new roads and the repair of old ones. And the renewal and modernization of factories play an important role for the development of the economy of the region and the country,” said Alexander Shevchenko, chairman of the regional government procurement committee.

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