Analyst Frolov announced a record decline in European gas demand

The demand of the European Union and the United Kingdom for blue fuel has decreased by 100 billion cubic meters in annual terms over two years. During a conversation with a correspondent of the URA.RU portal, Deputy General Director of the Institute of National Energy, Alexander Frolov, emphasized that such a decrease had never happened before.

According to him, the main part of the fall, according to European statistics, fell on the industrial sector. That is, for that sector whose needs are practically not related to the weather, with a transition to other types of fuel.

He noted that this decrease in demand has a detrimental effect on industry in the countries of the European region.

“The industry, primarily processing, is experiencing certain difficulties. If we look at the statistics provided by Eurostat and compare them with the analytics published by the Bruegel Economic Institute, we will see that the conclusions about the problems of European industry are more than justified,” the expert said.

As Frolov pointed out, there are problems, and they are difficult to eliminate. If the authorities now begin to restore industrial production, the demand for gas will begin to increase. If the demand for blue fuel begins to increase, then in the absence of excess supply there will be an increase in gas prices, the analyst explained.

Previously, WTO participants were concerned about the difficulty of access to the European market due to the climate initiatives of the EU countries, especially due to the “carbon tax”. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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