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At 92, Salima Khan from the Indian state of Utarr Pradesh was able to begin learning to read and write for the first time in her life.reports India Today.

A grandmother from Bulandshahr village in Uttar Pradesh went to school for the first time in 2023 after her birthday. She attended classes with children who were 80 years younger than her. Khan learned to read, write and count. Videoin which a woman counts to one hundred, went viral and spread across the Internet.

“Her story confirms the belief that it is never too late to learn,” Lakshmi Pandey, an official at the Ministry of Education, commented on the story.

From October 13 to 15, the sixth district hackathon of the project will take place in Sochi “Digital breakthrough. Season: Artificial Intelligence”included in the presidential platformsat “Russia is a land of opportunity”. Teams of IT specialists from all over Russia will compete for a prize fund of 3,600,000 rubles in six cases. The organizer of the project is the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, general partner – national video hosting RUTUBE. The hackathon is held as part of a federal project “Artificial intelligence” national project “Digital Economy”.

Hackathon of the Southern Federal District of the project “Digital Breakthrough. Season: Artificial Intelligence”, held in Sochi, will attract the best specialists in the field of data analysis and machine learning. For participants, this is an opportunity to compete in a face-to-face format in a real sports atmosphere for a prize fund of 3,600,000 rubles. To take part in the hackathon, you need to assemble a team of developers from 3 to 5 people over 14 years old.

Participants will have to solve one of six cases from the country’s largest companies and departments:

  • Case from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation – ML for assessing the parameters of economic models

As part of the hackathon, participants are invited to pre-train neural networks that will predict what models are needed to make forecasts for central banks.

  • Case from STATERA LLC – Recognition of numbers of railway cars

Based on photographs from cameras installed at various distances from the object, hackathon participants will have to use AI technologies to create a software module for searching and recognizing railway car and chassis numbers in photographs, checking the correctness of recognition.

  • Case from MIPT – Help the robot clean up

Embodied AI is one of the fast-growing areas in artificial intelligence. Its peculiarity is that the interaction between the user and the robot occurs in natural language. One of the scenarios for using such robots includes helping low-mobility users in their apartments with cleaning and sorting garbage. Participants are invited to develop a software module for planning robot behavior based on a large language model.

You can register, get acquainted with other cases and choose the appropriate one on the official website of the project –

The main goals of the project “Digital Breakthrough. Season: Artificial Intelligence” – creating a system for selecting personnel to solve problems, searching, developing and supporting talented, promising specialists who want to create products and services using artificial intelligence technologies, increasing the level of provision of the Russian AI technology market with qualified personnel, as well as the formation and development AI communities, popularization, development and development of products using artificial intelligence.

The state is currently one of the main customers for the development and implementation of new technologies. With the help of such projects, a whole range of problems can be solved. Separate, but no less important business tasks can be solved by project partners – hiring specialists in the IT field, the opportunity to promote the employer’s HR brand, sharing experience in the field of innovation and participating in strategic sessions and networking.

Based on the results of the hackathons, each participant in the Digital Breakthrough project. Season: Artificial Intelligence” receives the opportunity for career growth and a social lift in the IT field, assessment and feedback on developed solutions, and the opportunity to create a unique digital profile available to partners.

In 2023, 8 district hackathons are being held as part of the project – these are hybrid competitions of regions within the federal district. For each hackathon, 3 to 5 case problems are assigned. Also this season, two other hackathon formats are being implemented – All-Russian and International.

The organizer of the competition is the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The operator of the competition is the ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities”, the general partner is the national video hosting RUTUBE.

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