Communication skills, financial literacy, foreign languages: Kuban residents named skills for a successful career that need to be developed from childhood :: News


Research Service hh.ruthe largest Russian online platform for finding jobs and employees, conducted a survey among working residents of the region and found out what skills, in their opinion, need to be developed from childhood in order to succeed in their career.

Every parent wants their child’s life to be happy and successful, including in career terms. So what skills, according to working Kuban residents, need to be mastered in childhood to make it easier to build a successful career later?

According to residents of the Krasnodar Territory, the most important skill that needs to be mastered already at school age is interaction with people (74% of Kuban residents chose this option). In second place in importance is computer literacy (72%), and third is financial literacy (62%). Also, the skills that will be very useful in a career and that need to be paid attention to at an early age, according to Kuban residents, include: knowledge of foreign languages, programming, logic, working with text/literacy, time management, robotics, sales and mathematics

“It is interesting that women attach greater importance compared to men to financial literacy skills (60% for men and 55% for women), knowledge of foreign languages ​​(67% and 63%), general literacy and working with text (53% and 43% ), as well as time management (35% and 28%). Men more often pay attention to the development of logical thinking (54% among men and 47% among women), mastering programming skills (45% and 38%) and mathematics (32% and 25%),” comments Ekaterina Nikiforova, head of the press service South.

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