“Crimea will be Ukrainian!” Special forces landed in Crimea, there was a battle with losses – GUR

“Special forces of Stugni and Brotherhood, as part of Timur’s special unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, landed on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula and inflicted a fiery defeat on the Moscow occupiers! Crimea will be Ukrainian! Glory to Ukraine!” the message says.

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate showed a video showing the boats approaching the shore. The GUR does not specify when the landing took place.

As the representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence Andrey Yusov said in a comment “Ukrainian Truth”after completing the task, having caused damage to the enemy, the group of special forces retreated, although also with certain losses.

“There was a battle with the Russian invaders, there were many dead and wounded among the invaders’ personnel. Unfortunately, there are losses among the Ukrainian defenders, which are still not commensurate with the Russian ones. A special operation aimed at de-occupying Crimea continues. We appeal to all residents of the peninsula to wait and assist the Defense Forces in every possible way in the return of Ukrainian territories,” the message says.

Later, Russian media reported that the FSB allegedly detained “saboteurs” in Crimea. A number of telegram channels publishes a video.

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