Environmental activists held street performances on Patriarch’s Street in support of homeless animals

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The trigger for the creation of the “Don’t Abandon” project was the law adopted by the State Duma, which allows regional authorities to independently decide the fate of stray animals, that is, in fact, giving permission to kill.

A team of Moscow environmental activists, led by producer and stylist Sofia Dedishcheva, decided to draw attention to this problem by doing street performances and fashion photography on Patriarchs, Sukharevskaya, Ostozhenka, in the metro and on buses.

“The mission of the Don’t Abandon project is to draw attention to the problem of homeless animals. Unfortunately, they are often left at the dacha or at other people’s entrances – this way of getting rid of them is much easier for the conscience, but, nevertheless, it is murder. And we wanted to remind you of this. Our task is to create a beautiful and strong picture that will remain in the memory for a long time,” the activists explain, clarifying that the clothing design was inspired by the Maison Margiela FW’89 collection, and the references for the shooting were the Alexander McQueen SS’99 show, the shooting of Junya Watanabe, Yohji Jamamoto.

As 20-year-old Sofia herself says on social networks, she invented and created “Don’t Quit” because she loves animals.

“This project was created by Sophie, who dreamed of being a veterinarian. Who saved the chicks, although she has asthmatic allergies. Who fed stray dogs, although they bit her out of accumulated anger towards people. Who was preparing a paper on the Red Book of the region until cancer took her teacher,” tells Sofia.

With the help of the project, activists are turning not to the authorities, with whom everything is already clear (the law has been adopted), but to the people. They believe that if everyone becomes a little kinder to animals, there will be fewer homeless dogs and cats.

Photo: Jenn Ocean

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