Guillermo Castañeda is no longer in ‘El Gran Chef Famosos 4’: Giancarlo Granda is his replacement in the reality show

Guillermo Castañeda is replaced by Giancarlo Granda in El Gran Chef Famosos.  Composition Infobae Peru
Guillermo Castañeda is replaced by Giancarlo Granda in El Gran Chef Famosos. Composition Infobae Peru

After what Guillermo Castaneda was announced as the new member of ‘The Greatest Celebrity Chef 4’, The surprise was great when days later it was removed from the advertisement. So far the actor has not spoken, but the production of the cooking reality show gave details of his untimely departure and indicated that it was due to “personal issues.”

Amidst speculation, Latin TV held the conference ‘The Great Celebrity Chef’, where he introduced each of its members. Among the ranks were those already announced, in addition to Giancarlo Granda, sports journalist who also has his program on YouTube and was the announced replacement for the radio host.

In the midst of great emotion, the communicator took the microphone and pointed out that he hopes to gain weight during the entire time he will be on the reality show, unleashing laughter from those present. Likewise, he noted that he will give his all to last in the competition.

The Great Celebrity Chef released a new promotional trailer with Mónica Zevallos. Latin TV

Since it was announced that Guillermo Castaneda will be in the cooking reality show, on social networks they began to criticize the program due to the scandal it had a few years ago when an actress made serious accusations against her.

Although the actor has also left the episode behind, it seems that many followers do not forget and brought to light videos and images from news programs that covered the unfortunate news.

This situation would have gotten out of hand for the production of the ‘Celebrity chef’, but Ricky Rodríguez, producer of the TV space came out to clarify things and explained that Castaneda He decided to step aside due to personal issues and that he would not be able to fulfill his participation.

However, he did not rule out that he would be called again at any time.


The new season of The Great Celebrity Chef It premieres on Monday, October 9, and will feature the presence of two TV figures.

  • Monica Zevallos
  • Gino Pesaressi
  • Renato Rossini, Jr.
  • Florcita Polo
  • Fiorella Cayo
  • Christian Ysla
  • Renato Rossini
  • Saskia Bernaola
  • Ximena Hoyos
  • ‘Checho’ Ibarra
  • Giancarlo Granda

It should be noted that when Guillermo Castaneda was removed from the promotion, the influencer Ric La Torre was one of the first to release the name of who would replace him, Giancarlo Granda.

The Great Celebrity Chef: presentation of the first participants of the fourth season | Latin

This fourth season also marks the return to television of Monica Zevallosremembered talk show host.

Monica Zevallos He stepped away from television after hosting the show ‘Loose at Home‘. In an interview, the host confessed that she made this decision because she perceived that Peruvian television had changed, and not necessarily for the better.

“The content of the topics was no longer so important, there was no depth, and for the first time after many years I began to feel that I didn’t really like what I was doing. (In ‘Sueltos en casa’) you had to play games, but they were no longer entertaining games, but you had to show more body, more things, more scandal and I didn’t feel comfortable,” she told La República.

Mónica Zevallos returned to Peruvian TV.
Mónica Zevallos returned to Peruvian TV.

Driver Jose Pelaez He indicated that he is happy to continue on the small screen with ‘The Great Celebrity Chef’, season 4. For the presenter, each stage is unique, so he is sure that this new edition will bring more than one surprise.

“I am really happy and excited to have another season of The Great Celebrity Chef, because we come from a third that has been truly crazy… Each season has been unique and I think this fun has grown in each one of them. I am sure that we are going to surprise the Peruvian public a lot with this new edition that is full of surprises, in addition we are also going to be very surprised because I have already heard what the production has prepared for the new participants,” he commented to Latin TV.

José Peláez does not rule out the ‘El Gran Chef Famosos All Stars’ season: “It is a great possibility.” Video: Paula Elizalde / Infobae.

The Great Celebrity Chef‘ will premiere this Monday, October 9, at 8:00 p.m., on the Latina TV signal.

  • DirecTV: Channel 192 (SD/HD) Channel 1192 (HD)
  • Movistar TV: Channel 102 (SD) Channel 702 (HD)
  • Claro TV/Channel 2
  • Best Cable: Channel 2

Also, you can tune in to the program live through the channel’s official website or its official YouTube channel. The platform is responsible for uploading all the chapters of the food space.

Latina TV confirmed the new members of 'El Gran Chef Famosos' - fourth season.  |  Latin TV
Latina TV confirmed the new members of ‘El Gran Chef Famosos’ – fourth season. | Latin TV

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