“How long will they last?”: electric scooters in Moscow have now begun to be equipped with helmets

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Recently, a video appeared online of a scooter rushing along the Moscow Ring Road at a speed of 120 km/h. “The more scooters, the fewer scooters,” commentators immediately joked. Of course, rental electric scooters won’t be able to accelerate like that, but it won’t hurt to improve security for them either.

Apparently, this is what the kicksharing service Whoosh and installed helmets on electric scooters. In addition to the vehicle, the user will now receive a helmet with a strap and a secure fit on the back of the head. It is attached to the scooter stand; after the ride starts, a button will appear in the application to unfasten the lock and helmet. Everyone will now decide for themselves what to do – take care of their heads or ride with a helmet dangling at their feet.

In Moscow, such scooters have not yet appeared everywhere. But by next season they promise to equip 30% of the fleet with helmets.

Citizens constantly test electric scooters for durability – they either throw them into the water, or throw them into trees, or carry out executions by hanging them on the bars of platforms. Perhaps the main intrigue is how long these helmets will last intact.

Photo: frame from video


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