In Russia there was a failure in the work of traffic police information resources

Today, October 4, there was a massive technical failure in the operation of the traffic police information resources.

According to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, specialists from specialized departments are now eliminating the causes of technical failures in the operation of information resources that support the activities of inter-district registration divisions of the State Traffic Inspectorate in the country.

Due to problems that have arisen, the time for providing the state service for registering motor vehicles has been increased. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs asks citizens to treat the current situation with understanding and refrain from visiting interdistrict registration and examination departments in the coming hours.

The resumption of the provision of public services by State Traffic Inspectorate units in full will be announced additionally. All citizens who apply will be able to receive the government services they require after the service is restored, regardless of the weekend schedule in the “until the last customer” mode, noted the press center of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Photo from the TP archive

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