In Taganrog, miniature models are presented for a competition

In Taganrog, an exhibition and competition of bench models is held in the Chess Pavilion of the park named after. M. Gorky. It is open daily until October 8, so Taganrozh residents still have the opportunity to get acquainted with the miniature masterpieces.

This year the exhibition is dedicated to the anniversaries of the founding of Taganrog and its liberation from the Nazi invaders. On the tables are displayed replica models of ships, aircraft, weapons and military equipment of the armies of various states and different time periods. As Alexander Zhukov, chairman of the Taganrog city public organization of military-historical miniatures, said, similar exhibitions are held in the city twice a year. The spring one is dedicated to Victory Day, but in the fall there is an exhibition-competition. A competent jury of five people will evaluate the submitted works in three age categories: among children, youth and adults.

Bench modeling is both a hobby and one of the types of technical creativity. It involves the production of replica models on a reduced scale, which have an external resemblance to the real sample. It is this similarity that is usually assessed. The most popular among modellers is the period from the Second World War to the present day.

The Taganrog organization of military-historical miniatures was founded and has been operating since 1985. Now there are more than twenty people in it. Meet every Sunday. They bring assembled models, share experiences and news. The production of copies of bench models of weapons and equipment has long grown into an entire industry. But what is produced, as Alexander Vladimirovich said, is mostly “simplified”. To give authenticity and similarity to real samples, a thorough study of the literature, Internet searches and, of course, hard work are required. Alexander Zhukov personally has more than 150 exhibits in his collection. And this is not the largest collection of models. Alexander Kostenko, an exhibition participant from Rostov-on-Don, has more than three hundred of them.

By the way, about the geography of the participants. This is not only the Rostov region, but also Makeevka, Donetsk, Kineshma, Volgograd and other cities of Russia. Those who could not come sent their models by mail, taking all precautions. The variety of exhibits on display is amazing. You can write a lot about the exhibition, but, as they say, it’s better to see once.

Evgeny POGRANCHNY, photo by the author

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