In Taganrog, passenger traffic is being examined on route No. 911

The examination is carried out from October 2 to October 6, reports the Ministry of Transport of the Rostov Region. Based on its results, a decision will be made on the need to increase the rolling stock.

Under the contract, service of route No. 911 “city. Taganrog (Bus Station) – SNT Yagodka – 1″ should be carried out by three small class buses. However, at the request of local residentsone of the buses was replaced by a middle class one.

Currently there are two small and one medium class buses on the route. The traffic interval in the morning (from 05.45 to 07.45) is 30 minutes, in the evening (from 16.00 to 21.45) – 30-40 minutes, during off-peak time – 1 hour.

In mid-July, specialists from the Ministry of Transport conducted a survey of passenger traffic, after which it was decided that adding an additional bus in the summer was inappropriate. They decided to return to this issue in early October.

“At the moment, from October 2 to October 6, a survey of passenger traffic is being conducted, based on the results of which a decision will be made on the advisability of adding rolling stock or increasing the class of buses,” the Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

Let us remind you that route No. 911 was launched on January 30, 2023, replacing the previously operating route No. 117. It provides transport accessibility to SNT “Liman”, SNT “Liman-2”, ST “Miusskoye”, ST “Omega” and DNT “Laguna”, SNT “Yagodka-1” with the center of Taganrog.

Photo by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

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