In the Kherson region, the occupiers held the “first bell” in two schools and continue to illegally register educational institutions

The Center for Investigative Journalism reports this, citing occupation media and its own sources.

On October 3, more than a month after the traditional start of the new school year, the occupiers held a “first bell” celebration in two schools in the Zelenopod community, Kakhovka district. School in the village of Arkhangelskaya Sloboda, as reported by CJRheaded by a local collaborator Shtenke Inna Vladimirovnaan English teacher, and headed the Kostogryzov school Falkova Irina Sergeevna.

The following week, the occupiers announced the opening of another school in the village of Zeleny Pod. A collaborator agreed to lead it Deineko Lyubov Ivanovnawho previously worked as the legal director of the Arkhangelskoslobodskaya gymnasium.

Collaborators Igor Brzezicki and Lyubov Deineko (center) are preparing for the opening of a school in Zeleny Pod Photo: occupation publics

In the Kakhovka community itself, the occupiers have not been able to open a single school since September 2022.

Meanwhile, the invaders admit that they lack teachers. That is why they continue to recruit the necessary personnel and promise to pay salaries starting from 40 thousand rubles per month. Meanwhile, to work in the passionate schools of Kherson, they import teachers from Russia and appoint people who have nothing to do with education as teachers. As Russian propagandists themselves recently said, at the Tavrichanskaya school in the Kakhovsky district, physics is taught by a former local economist, and chemistry is taught by some incomprehensible ecologist.

The beginning of the new school year at the school in the village of Kostogryzovo, Kakhovsky district, October 3, 2023 Photo: occupation publics

At the same time, the occupiers continue to illegally register more and more schools in the Kherson region at a rapid pace. From September 1 to October 2, 2023 alone, they registered 51 schools in the region. Among the “freshly opened” are schools in the village of Blagodatnoye in the Skadovsk community, Petrovka in the Genichesk community, Kostogryzovo in the Oleshkovsk community, and Novaya Kakhovka (school No. 10).

  • As CJR reported, on September 1, the occupiers made the “first calls” to some schools in the Kherson region, after which they sent the children on vacation. There were two reasons for this – the Russians did not have time to prepare institutions for the new school year and freed them from children for the so-called elections.

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