In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a woman saved a mongrel from being caught

On October 4, animal control officers encountered an obstacle when a woman tried to pick up a stray dog. The woman is the head of the extermination station where this foundling dog is sheltered.

The woman who cares for the dog insisted that the animal does not pose a threat to others. She explained that this was a dog that lived on the street and accidentally ended up on the territory of the disinfection station.

According to the woman, the service was called by residents of the area complaining about stray dogs, and not by this particular dog. She emphasized that one should not “tick a box” here, as if the capture had been completed, and take a dog that is not related to the pack that scares people.

At the extermination station, the dog was given good care, a kennel was built, and it receives food regularly. The woman argues that the dog does not harm anyone and it deserves care and protection.

Earlier in St. Petersburg, a dog attacked a man and bit him on the genitals. More about this incident read the material Public News Service.

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