Judge Garsky, known for his sentences, sentenced Irina Polekhova, an employee of the Kherson pre-trial detention center, to 6 years behind bars for working for the Russian Federation.

About this with reference to court sentence reports Center for Investigative Journalism.

As the court found, 33-year-old Irina Polekhova, during the temporary occupation of Kherson, went over to the side of the enemy and took the position of senior investigator of the operational department of the institution “Pretrial Detention Facility No. 1” of the penitentiary service illegally created by the occupiers in the Kherson region. In the detention center, the invaders, together with local collaborators, tortured the abducted civilians of the region. Polekhova did this from June to November 2022. November 27, 2022 her along with two other traitors workers of the State Bureau of Investigation and the SBU detained from the detention center in Kherson.

In court, Irina Polekhova admitted her guilt and repented. The court indicated as a mitigating circumstance for the sentencing that the traitor gave birth to a child during the occupation.

Polekhova’s sentence was handed down by the judge of the Malinovsky District Court of Odessa, Alexander Garsky, known for his extraordinary decisions. encouraging criminals to read books. This time there was no obligation to read literature, but in his verdict the judge refers to discussions about the poet Vasily Stus, quotes the German philosopher Immanuel Kant and the famous Ukrainian human rights activist Oleksa Tikhy.

“Irina Polekhova not only did not see in her imagination any desire for self-sacrifice, but also refused to fulfill her direct duty to defend her homeland, betraying state interests in favor of the enemy. “She is an example of a lack of understanding of social relations associated with the process of creating a state,” the court’s verdict states.

Irina Polekhova was found guilty of high treason. She was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 6 years with confiscation of property.

  • As reported by CJR, the leaders and employees of the occupation police of the Kherson region, as well as their curators from the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Security Service of Ukraine reported in absentia suspicion of committing a number of crimes. Among them are the creation and management of a criminal organization, collaboration, kidnapping and torture of people, the extraction of transport and weapons.

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