Keiko Fujimori and Vladimir Cerrón should leave politics forever, according to the 2023 Power Survey

Keiko Fujimori and Vladimir Cerrón declare to the media.  Photos: Andean
Keiko Fujimori and Vladimir Cerrón declare to the media. Photos: Andean

The leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimoriand the founder of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerronlead the list of people who should leave politics permanently, according to the 2023 Power Survey carried out by Ipsos Peru for Economic Week.

The study, in which 224 authorities, politicians, journalists, analysts, intellectuals, academics and business leaders between August and September, placed third in the ranking general to the president of the Alliance for Progress (APP) party, Cesar Acunaand in the fourth, to the mayor of Lima, Rafael Lopez Aliaga.

Strictly speaking, Fujimori registers 73% disapproval of those surveyed; Cerrón, 37%; Acuña, 25%; and López Aliaga, 15%. “[Quienes encabezan esta lista] They are figures who are involved in the process of institutional crisis, political polarization and authoritarianism, which has started since 2016,” political analyst María Paula Távara told the magazine.

The opposition faces a tax accusation for money laundering, while the neurosurgeon was sentenced, last February, to four years in prison for corruption when he was governor in Junín (2011-2014), a sentence that will become effective if confirmed in Second instance.


Together with Acuña, the founder of Podemos Peru, José Luna Gálvez, is perceived as a businessman who entered politics to fulfill mercantilist objectives. “They have left the appearance of wanting to take advantage of the position, of using politics as an extension of their business actions,” he said. Jose Carlos Requenapartner of the consultancy firm Público.

The rejection of López Aliaga, meanwhile, is due more to measures contrary to legal certainty and freedom of business. “There has been a disenchantment in the business community, even in the unions, because [él] has made decisions that are visibly contrary to the stability of the contracts and demands that the business sector defends,” he noted. Augustus Townsendfounder of the Reading Committee.

His polarizing style and a management that, for now, does not show any notable results, have also contributed to the result. “[El burgomaestre] “He is perceived as an actor that damages the image of a right that would prefer to be perceived as liberal and successful in public management,” Távara remarked.

In another scenario, the lawyer, actor and film director appears, Salvador del Solar, who stands in the general ranking of Peruvians who should enter politics for an eventual presidential candidacy. The former prime minister has 18% support, ahead of former president Francisco Sagasti and Carlos Neuhaus, recently appointed president of the Popular Christian Party (PPC), both with the same percentage (14%).

Rafael López Aliaga in official activity.  Photo: Andina
Rafael López Aliaga in official activity. Photo: Andina

At a strictly business level, respondents evaluated that Roque Benavides (representative of the mining union), Carlos Añaños (founder of the AJE group) and Gaston Acurio (gastronomic reference) should also venture into it. “There is an immediate reading of possible presidential candidates,” said Eduardo Dargent, senior professor at the Catholic University.


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