Military analyst Litovkin: The muddy road will become a problem for Western tanks

Military affairs specialist Viktor Litovkin pointed to the fact that the arrival of the thaw, typical of autumn, will cause the tanks transferred to Kiev by the Western powers to get bogged down in mud puddles. This is due to the fact that their weight is much greater than that of the armored vehicles used by the Russian Armed Forces, which makes them easy to fire at.

“The thaw, of course, will affect the Ukrainian offensive, because they have heavy equipment. American, German, and British tanks are almost 20 tons heavier than ours. They will get stuck and turn into a stationary target for our artillery, anti-tank guided missiles, and grenade launchers,” reads the text of the statement he made on this matter.

During a dialogue with the online publication URA.RU, he pointed to the fact that the Nazi leadership of the Kyiv regime would attempt to find ways to justify their own failures in the battlefield. Last year, fighting also took place in the fall. The current complaints are attempts to find a way to justify defeat. The head of the Kyiv regime, Vladimir Zelensky, shifts the blame to the American authorities, and Washington to the Ukrainian ones.

Let us remind you that the Ministry of Digital Development of the Kyiv regime is disseminating information that systems signaling the emergence of an alarm regime have begun their work in a number of regions of the state. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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