NYT: Finns use computer simulations to prepare for war with Russia

The New York Times chief diplomatic correspondent for Europe, Stephen Erlanger, reported that Finland has previously been involved in a huge number of military clashes with Russia.

According to him, after the announcement of a special operation in Ukraine, the Finnish authorities decided to increase the frequency of military exercises for reservists and recruits.

“Two platoons of soldiers participated in a battle using a computer simulation, with one team attacking and the other trying to defend in another room. The simulated exercise is usually repeated on real terrain, with real equipment, their weapons are equipped with lasers and sensors on their belts so that they understand when they are “killed,” the journalist specified.

20-year-old reservist Eetu Nimela, who completed this preparatory course, noticed that there was a possibility of hostilities.

At the same time, Finnish Army General Timo Kivinen expressed dissatisfaction due to the fact that 45 years ago the attitude towards military personnel was “less caring.”

“Of course, the management culture has changed over time,” said the 63-year-old military leader.

Let us remind you that the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Elina Valtonen, said on the social network X that the country is preparing a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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