“Palace of the Snow Queen”: Evgeni Plushenko’s figure skating academy was completed in Troparevo-Nikulino

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The Plushenko’s Angels Academy has been operating since 2017. Until now, there was no full-fledged branch in Moscow; for some time the skaters trained at the Sport Time skating rink on Lobachevsky Street. In 2021, Plushenko had his own base in the elite Rublevka – in the Gorki-10 village. The construction of a base in Moscow was announced in the same year – and now it is ready.

An ice palace under the Plushenko’s Angels brand appeared in the Troparevo-Nikulino area on Vostryakovskoye Highway. It is very close to the Troparevsky forest park. The head of the department of urban planning policy in Moscow, Sergei Levkin, calls the Plushenko Academy the palace of the Snow Queen, but solely because the complex, in his opinion, is similar to this fairy-tale structure.

Just like in the Snow Queen’s palace, Plushenko Academy is still cold and deserted, but this won’t be for long – enrollment in groups has already been announced. Figure skaters and hockey players, both amateur and professional, will practice at the palace.

The building itself does not seem that big – it occupies an area of ​​only 4.7 thousand square meters. m. There are two ice halls – large and small, as well as a choreography hall, a medical room, a coaching room, a martial arts hall, a gym and various technical rooms. There is a place to relax: the palace has special relaxation rooms, a reception with a fireplace and a restaurant. Of course, for lovers of health.

Therefore, Plushenko’s new palace is a response to Eteri Tutberidze’s palace, which was recently completed in Yasenevo. Between the schools of Plushenko and Tutberidze, as is known, there is disagreements due to poaching of athletes, it comes to threats fights. In general, it was not without reason that a martial arts hall appeared in Plushenko’s palace.



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