Paolo Guerrero and his shot to the post with an impressive curve in LDU Quito vs Defensa y Justicia for the South American Cup

Impressive curve from the Peruvian collided with the post of the Argentine team in the second leg of the Copa Sudamericana. (Video: ESPN)

LDU of Quito was measured as a visitor against Defense and Justice in a duel valid for the second leg of the semifinals of the South American Cup 2023. From the beginning, the homeowners were intense and cornered the Ecuadorians, who could do little or nothing in the first instance. Then the painting ‘albo’ He evened things out, but without being able to break the parity. Suddenly, Paolo Guerrero He had an incredible chance to open the scoring, but his shot hit the crossbar, drowning out his long-awaited goal cry.

This action took place 70 minutes into the fight. The local team, aware that they had the score against them and needed at least three goals to equalize the series, advanced their lines and almost every play sought to end with a shot on goal. Nicolás Tripichio organized the game from the middle and opened with Darío Cáceres, who hit a pass at first for Gastón Togni. The Argentine winger saw that David Barbona appeared alone and unloaded with him, but he launched a left-footed shot over the goal fence. Alexander Dominguez.


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