Repair of the Taganrog-Pokrovskoye road section has been completed

The repair of the section of the road “city” has been completed. Taganrog – p. Pokrovskoe” with a length of 7.2 km, reports the Ministry of Transport of the Rostov Region.

It was carried out as part of a national project on the section km 7+000 – km 14+220 in the Neklinovsky district. The contractor reinforced the shoulders with crushed stone, laid leveling and top layers on the main road and junctions, and also applied road markings with thermoplastic.

It should be noted that the road connects with Taganrog not only the village of Pokrovskoye, but also nearby farms and villages. So, for settlements that are part of the Troitsky rural settlement, this road is the shortest route to the city and the federal highway.

Also in 2024, the possibility of repairing the “city” highway will be considered. Taganrog – village Pokrovskoe” on the section km 0+000 – km 7+000, which will bring the road to standard condition along its entire length.


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