“Secret for a Million”: Konstantin Solovyov will tell why his third marriage broke up :: News

Photo: NTV channel

This Saturday the guest of the “Secret to a Million” show will be Konstantin Solovyov. The star of Russian films and TV series will make a frank confession: his third marriage has broken up. The actor will explain why he failed again in personal relationships, tell how he plans to communicate with children, and also admit whether his heart is free now.

Konstantin Solovyov is often invited to play the roles of reliable guys who can handle anything: hard work and great love. The same passions are in full swing in the actor’s personal life: he was officially married three times, and his last marriage broke up quite recently and very unexpectedly for Konstantin’s fans. In his marriage to Anastasia Larina, two daughters were born, but they did not help save the family. In the studio of the “Secret to a Million” show, Konstantin will talk about whether he continues to communicate with his daughters and what he intends to do so that the divorce does not greatly traumatize them. And Anastasia will share her vision of the situation and try to call her ex-husband for a frank conversation.

Konstantin also has sons. In his second marriage to actress Evgenia Akhremenko, Solovyov gave birth to Daniil and Timofey. However, when the marriage broke up, Konstantin refused to communicate with the children and even in interviews often claimed that he had no children, and the marriage with Evgenia was simply a PR campaign. In the studio of the show “Secret for a Million,” Evgenia Akhremenko will openly talk about what destroyed her marriage with Konstantin, what it’s like to be a single mother, and whether there is any hope that the boys will finally find the father they so badly need. In response, Konstantin will share his point of view on this matter.

In addition, Konstantin will make a frank confession and talk about whether his heart is free now, and will also receive from the hands of the show’s host Lera Kudryavtseva an envelope with a question, the answer to which costs one million rubles.

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