Strong disagreements and scandal at the end of the debate in the Rent Law committee: “You are stupid”

Crosses in Deputies over the rental law

The debate in committee on the reform of the Rental Law ended in a scandal with strong crosses and accusations between deputies of the Frente de Todos and Juntos por el Cambio.

During a plenary session on Budget and General Legislation, the two projects that will arrive at the venue next week: the original text approved in the Deputies last month and the text that was modified in the Senate.

Although most of the meeting passed without major incidents, the weather started to warm up with the speech of the official deputy Eduardo Toniolliwho assured that the initiative defended by Together for Change “It seems written by Mr. Barriga (in reference to the character of Chavo who owns the neighborhood)” and who only seeks “screw up the lives of the tenants”.

Then, in response to a comment from an opposition deputy, Toniolli replied that one of the Government’s problems is “the fart opposition that has”.

Next, the radical deputy Karina Banfi He attacked: “The deputy who just spoke will be a bigger farterif we are going to legitimize these terms, we are going to use them.”

In an already tense climate, the official Federico Fagioli He accused the opposition bench of legislating to benefit real estate companies. “I ask the deputy Banfi tell me three or four deputies from Together for Change who are not owners and that they are not benefiting from this law. Realize that your projects are only hate. They hate the 10 million tenants, they hate the popular sectors,” he challenged.

Fagioli was the last speaker and then the shouting between both groups continued off the microphone, mainly between Banfi and camper Paula Penacca.

After an initial crossover with references to the model Sofía Clerici and the scandal that ended with the resignation of Insaurralde as head of the Buenos Aires Cabinet. From the pro-government bench they shouted: “Gato.” Also some allusions to Gerardo Milman and the complaints about irregular hiring of advisors.

Then, Penacca accused the ruling party of “murderers” for defending Milman, who was investigated for an alleged link to the assassination attempt against Cristina Kirchner.

“What does the ass have to do with tempera,” Banfi responded. And a new exchange of insults was unleashed.

The debate over the reform of the Rental Law ended in scandal
The debate over the reform of the Rental Law ended in scandal

Before the cry of “They are all jets” from Banfi, Penacca replied: “You are stupid, you don’t represent the tenants, you are stealing a position. Report it to me to see what you find”. He also targeted Mauricio Macri, whom he described as a “jet” and “gangster”.

Ask Insaurralde what he bought the apartment with“, intervened Juan Manuel López, from the Civic Coalition, alluding to the resignation of the Buenos Aires Chief of Staff, after the leak of photos of his vacation in Marbella with a model.

They have governed the city of Buenos Aires for 16 years, the negotiations they have made”Penacca continued. “Throw out Batakis too“, was the last thing the radical deputy was heard shouting, in reference to the director of Banco Nación who was involved in a scandal over the hiring of a numerologist, known as “Pitty.”

The rent law reform will possibly come to the floor next week. Deputies will be able to approve the text that comes from the Senate – which proposes three-year contracts and semi-annual updating based on the Casa Propia index – or the original project approved at the end of August in the Chamber of Deputies – which proposes two-year contracts and updating every four months based on some rate agreed upon by the landlord and tenant.

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